1337x Alternatives And Similar Sites And Apps

Want to know about the 1337x Alternatives or similar sites like 1337x for torrent downloads. 1337x is one of the best sites that provide various torrent files and manage the links accordingly. This is used for peer to peer file sharing with the help of protocol accordingly. As per the market analysis, this is placed in the third position in 2018 and launched in the year 2007 respectively.

One can search for any number of movies, television, games, music, documentaries, applications if any and others were greatly available through the site. In simple terms one can say this as the best search engine on an entertainment basis. Usually, it has blocked in many countries.


Even though can try one of the proxy sites without any fail. But most probably if not working too not a big deal. This is because there are several alternatives to 1337x which can be discussed here in a clear and better understandable format. Let us go through one by one and get some analysis regarding them successfully.

Best 1337x Alternatives

Well, as discussed, here we go with the collection of 1337x alternatives provided in the form of bullet lists. Go through all these and pick one you like to use right away.

  • The Pirate Bay
  • ExtraTorrent
  • Torrentz2
  • IsoHunt
  • Kickass Torrents

Therefore, are you ready to go with it..??? Try right now by picking one of the best 1337x alternative and access accordingly. Here we go in depth about each and every alternative to 1337x respectively.

The Pirate Bay

proxy sites

Basically, this is considered as an online index, most suitable in digital content related to the whole entertainment industry. It has come into existence in the year 2003 by a man called Swedish think tank Piratbyran. It helps in allowing tons of users for accessing, to search or download any number of videos well.

Moreover, it greatly involves 35 languages and English is the most primary language used upon. And what not, there are various proxy sites, in which one or either will definitely work and can be accessed accordingly. As the site is blocked in various countries, proxies help to access in a more successful way.


websites like 1337x

One can browse any number of torrents with no second thought. Moreover, this site uploads various latest movies or HD movies at regular intervals. So that the user prefers to access and enjoy accordingly. All the information uploaded is free of cost. It means no single penny is charged in order to watch and have fun.

However, all the trending torrents, Movie torrents, music torrents, tv torrents, books torrents, other, anime, software, game, pictures, and many more were uploaded in the form of lists provided one by one. The user is requested to pick them like to prefer and enjoy accessing them successfully.


similar unblocked torrent sites

While keeping all these aside, RARBG is also the best torrents introduced in the year 2008 respectively. It has come with all the latest stuff and in turn, blocked in regular intervals. Even though it is blocked, never stepped back of releasing greater stuff. They made it available with the help of any number of proxies greatly.

Categories like movies, music, books, anime, software, pictures, mobile and much more were greatly supported. A person can simply navigate to the current category searching for and access accordingly. Overall, it offers the links of all the latest stuff and when you click on it, ready to access wonderfully.


unblocked proxy sites

The torrentz2 is very much simple, fast, easy and powerful metasearch engine that totally integrates various searches gratefully. It has been run by the person called flippy in the year 2003 respectively. Also, includes anonymous features that completely grasp the user interest in order to use for.

Now if you see, this is also ranking in the top position of delivering all the latest torrents and never stepped back in providing so. However, in simple terms considered as one of the easy and simple setup accessed by tons of single users right away.


similar websites like 1337x

An IsoHunt is also a great site like 1337x, provides a various source of content in terms of multiple categories. However, it is found in the year 2003. It supports almost 14 petabytes of data which has taken a chance in the year 2013 respectively.

One can safely access these torrents with no tension. This means no one detects you if you access it irrespective of time. Remember as it is possible only when the user uses VPN none other than called for Virtual Private Network. Categories like music, books, movies, anime and much more were successfully uploaded on time.

Kickass Torrents

sites like 1337x

It was one of the best site initiated to provide tons of torrent files and manage all the links accordingly. Using this, avoid geo-blocking the NordVPN without any fail. One can search for various tv shows, tv series, music, movies, and much more were greatly available.

Since these sites were blocked at various places, available through proxies. But what are proxies? They usually act as middle men and helps to access all the sites like kickass torrents respectively. In one word, one can say this as the best alternative ever and ever.

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Final Verdict

According to my thoughts, all the alternatives provided here were very clear and understandable enough. If you feel interested in any, pick and access accordingly. Also can share with all your friends or on any social networking sites if you like to help in filling bit entertainment among well wishers. Thank you. Keep contact with techlish for learning any number of tutorials and get access simultaneously.


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