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Cisco packet tracer: Perhaps it has been started in the year 1997. Cisco Network Academy basically considered as an IT and Networking skills, career building program meant for tons of learning institutions all over the world. Allows the various individuals to newly experiment and ask the what if queries accordingly.

However Cisco packet tracer provides simulation, authoring, assessment, and teaching and learning of complex technology concepts and much more accordingly. In other words, this is considered real-life networking problems. Works with various protocols including DCHP, SMPT, POP3, FTP, Telnet and much more.

cisco packet tracer

It is one of the tools supports greatly to achieve various functions when working on network respectively. It is licensed for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit Operating system with no disturbances or restrictions accordingly. Therefore download the software which is compatible enough and make use of it right now successfully.

About Cisco Packet Tracer

Recently Cisco has come with the Packet Tracer in order to help Networking Academy students without stepping back. It has released cisco packet tracer 7.1 download version for all the users introducing new and advanced features through the respective software. However one can achieve an optimal learning experience at the time of gaining technological skills very fast.


Usually, the packet tracer is considered as best platform inspiring a lot of students to experiment newly and innovatively. Also helps the students by creating a network in the classroom involving an infinite number of devices, discovery and troubleshooting respectively. Let us be the one among accessing cisco packet tracer to the greater extent.


  • One can add various tables and rack very quickly.
  • Allows the various scope of alternatives implemented for both rack and stack issues.
  • Supports MQIT protocol to the greater extent.
  • Installation and uninstallation process is very much easy.
  • All the projects can be saved with a .pkg format.
  • Helps in developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in a more successful way.
  • Tables and rack were added very much quick.

How to Download Cisco Packet Tracer

The cisco packet tracer 7.1 download is the latest version that greatly fixes various bugs identified in before version respectively. As a result, follow the below steps to get cisco packet tracer free download without any fail. And follow the steps accordingly to get the software and make use of it successfully.


  • Download cisco packet tracer and wait for a while to complete the whole installation process.
  • Once the file gets downloaded, run the installer and follow all the on-screen instructions accordingly.
  • Open the file and log in to the respective Cisco Networking Academy account with no second thought. If you don’t have an account, has a chance to log in as a guest.
  • After the successful installation process, it automatically redirects to the main or home window.
  • Now, all set to access from the top-bar, left-hand bar and bottom bar respectively.
  • As a result, you are ready to access on the basis of your schedule/ whenever it is necessary.

System Requirements of Cisco Packet Tracer

Here are some of the system requirements of the cisco packet tracer which you can and then start downloading it. If you have any other compatibility issues you can simply check from us from here.

  • To get cisco packet tracer download, the user must and should check compatibility status or minimum requirements provided in the form of below bullet lists.
  • Minimum of 1024 x 768 is compatible enough for the screen resolution.
  • Must and should have free storage space of about 700MB.
  • 4GB RAM is suggestible to get this respective software. For this, 2GB is much suitable.
  • Pentium 4(25 GHz) is well supportable.
  • Supported by Windows 7/8.1/10 and Linux Ubuntu about 14.04 64-bits is very much compatible.
  • It is very much important to maintain respective sound card in the system.

Uses of Cisco Packet Tracer

  • This basically supports multiple plugins and extended API framework in order to work.
  • Also, compatible enough supporting various protocols of all the technologies introduces by Cisco CCNA security and other IT essential resources respectively.
  • The user has a great chance to learn all the valuable experiences that were applied in real-time projects and its problems very well.
  • However, multi-user collaboration will help especially to improve all the skills in a more perfect way.
  • Through the activity wizard, can get absolute real-time feedback for creating various experiences.
  • Monitoring real-life dynamic data transfers, packet transfers logistics and much more were greatly possible.

Additional Information

Some of the additional information on the cisco packet is provided below. Before going to enhance it you can see the downloads that can be existed from the various network. Have a control on this and get this on your device.

  • Design, build and configure the various networks through drag and drop device.
  • Supports multiple technologies provided in various Networking Academy courses.
  • One can add the instructional text for all the students as well as grading and real-time feedback accordingly. Also, provides an infinite number of learning experiences.
  • All the activities were greatly saved and shared in the respective Academy community.
  • Great opportunities especially for sharing, best practices and other without fail.
  • Peer-to-peer collaboration and competition for dynamic learning are very much applicable.
  • Authorization and localization of all the activities like labs, demonstrations, exams, and remote instructor-student interactions, games and much more were greatly available.
  • Enhancing packet tracer, which in turn adding to the respective curriculum and assessment delivery, games, accessibility, and interfacing with real-time equipment was excellently supported.

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Therefore, follow the steps accordingly to download cisco packet tracer, either for mac or windows in a more perfect way. If you like the article, share with friends or also on social networking sites irrespective of time. Moreover for any doubts, simply drop a comment in the below rectangular box. We reach you in short clearing out all by providing perfect solutions. Thank you and stay in touch with techlish for more learning and interesting tutorials.


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