GitHub Alternatives to Host Your Open Source Project

Github Alternatives: Git is an open-source version control system which is developed by the Linus Torvalds, who invented Linux. To understand the Github you have to understand what is the Git as said above git is a version control system which manages and helps in the development of a website or an application. And to understand the git then you have to know about what is a version control system.

I will tell you what is the weather control system in the below lines. It is Very helpful the Linux users. It has nothing to do with the common people android, iOS developers and even for website designers.

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So finally git hub is a hub where all the developers save their updates and older versions of the app in this hub. All these Gits will be stored in different apps which will work similarly. There are lots of hubs like this where the developers store their Data. So now we can see the Github alternatives and the apps similar to the Github. In the following let us know about what is a version control system.

About Open Source Version Control System

When developers try to create something like an app or a website, they will always create new versions in the form of up gradations. So all these versions have to be stored in a single where we can easily access that data again. For this purpose we have to use a hub in which we can store all these Gits. So this Git hub is created. Even though there are many apps or sites to store the source code and version control.

If you are not fully satisfied with this Github, then you can get another free GitHub alternative. So to assist you in it, today I’m going to give you about the alternative to GitHub. The following are the top alternatives for the open source version control hub called Github.

Alternatives to Github

Here are the best alternatives for the Github in which we can get all the information about each and every Github alternatives. Check out these best GitHub alternatives given here.

Source Forge

Source forge is one of the GitHub alternative open sources. It is also a free and alternative site for Github in which we can see the open source software source code repositories. This has created a malware trouble in the year 2015 but fixed the bug issues in January 2016. Source Forge is available for free and also gives its registered members. Presently it also offers multiple factor authorization for the better security and integrity in its platform.

git websites

It has more features Includes many features of issue tracking and controlling, and discussing issues and also it contains a built-in directory. So, overall we can say it as the git alternatives.

Cloud source by Google

Before this cloud source invented google code was the previous version for this, later it was moved to the cloud platform. By this google cloud storage, you can use Github, Bitbucket and all other source code repositories including its own repositories also. With the google infrastructure feature, your apps and codes will be safe and secure. While your code is running you can check for errors and other issues using this cloud source by google. While it can be a trusted Github alternatives and the best source code storage provider from the google.

sourceforge github

So we can say it as the alternative to GitHub, which also contains a debugging software called Stack driver o Debug multiple applications at a time.


it is another GitHub alternative free. It is very attractive with its best and awesome interface and also it is well known for its speed and ease for its use of Git. In this you can store or run your code and also you can test this app using the best interface. If you have done any errors then you can simply undo by using the undo option in this Gitkraken. It is very handy and easily accessible for building and testing of codes using this gitkraken. This app has two version free and professional version in which you can select any based on your choice.

bitbucket github

As the free version is for all companies under 20 employees or non-profit organizations. This will work on almost all the platforms like windows, mac and Linux machines. If you want more from this, then you can get pro version which offers a multiple profile support to save and test your codes.

Bit Bucket

It is also said to be one of the main alternatives for the GitHub alternatives. The Bit Bucket is most famous in Quora and Reddit, This will allow up to 5 members to connect on the same platform. It is developed in the house of Atlassian Software, so you can also use the products of the Atlassian like Jira, bamboo and Hipchat and can communicate well with all these. In this app you can discuss the codes and also Version control with others and get answers. It also provides the cloud storage for your data, you can save it on your local server or in your Company’s data centre basing on your security needs.

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The features of this app include like requests sending, Code branches etc. Bu using this features  you can send and receive request as and also discuss with other developers.


Kiln is also an source code saver and an app similar to github, but the only difference is this is a paid app. It gives the source code hosting solutions in which you can get 30 days free trail which will get all the options like Bells and whistles. After the free trail you have to pay $18 per month and can continue your services. You can pay the bill yearly. It also offers major things like Gits and version control. But you need to separately pay for this.

Github Alternatives

So overall this is most suitable for the medium companies which are having 100-500 employees to store all their data as repositories. So we can say this as the best choice for the medium businesses to host their code at the best fare.

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So friends here given are the best source alternatives for the best source code hosting and version control system. Here, you can see each and every detail about the alternative in which you can get the information about how this app is useful. If you like these alternatives then please share this post your friends on the facebook and other social networking sites. The Github alternatives listed here are very useful for developers. The information given here is genuine and it is given to the best of our knowledge. Thank you for your interest in our posts, keep visiting Techlish for more interesting posts. Thank you.

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