How to Factory Reset MacBook Air

How to factory reset macbook air in 2019: Here and now, let us learn how the process is undergone while implementing factory reset. Try to use an original cable in order to the successful plugin. Reset the PC and when it get restarts, boot up back and need to hold command+R together.

Keep holding till you see the Apple logo appearing on the screen. And finally, click on utility tab, perform a click on terminal and type reset password. Finally, click on enter. This is especially to reset without a password. Try out the below methods in order to implement factory reset without causing any kind of bugs.

How to Factory Reset MacBook Air

In order to factory reset your MAC ensure that you have saved your information. Because we are simply telling you some common methods to reset your device but in case if the device has lost the data then it becomes a issue, so save the data and follow our process.

How to Factory Reset MacBook Air in 2019

Here and now, learning the simple process for how to factory reset macbook air and implement the instructions step by step accordingly is very much easy. Let’s start accessing it.

  • Backup the data
  • Disable  file Vault
  • Sign out from iTunes
  • Do Sign out from iCloud
  • Sign out from iMessage
  • Erase touch bar data
  • Restart the mobile in recovery mode
  • Reformat the hard drive
  • Reinstall Mac OS

Create the Backup

Before performing the process, don’t forget to create a backup. Doing so will save all the important or confidential information without losing any single penny.

how to factory reset macbook air

Disable FileVault

Usually, FileVault plays a crucial role on the Mac. This means encrypts the data on the respective hard drive preventing from all the unauthorized data on the startup disk. So never forget to disable FileVault before you implement.


  • The very first step go to the respective Apple menu-> choose system preferences.
  • Select Security and privacy available in the form of options. And then click on FileVault respectively.
  • Now, tap on the lock icon in order to unlock it successfully.
  • There, the user has a chance to enter the right name of the admin and its corresponding password.
  • Once after successful login, select turn off FileVault. That’s all!!!

Sign Out From iTunes

Here and now, it is very important to disable some attributes before implementing a factory reset. It is especially done in case of Macbook Air. Let’s start with all the instructions one by one with appropriate care.

  • Open iTunes-> select account available in the form of the list at menu bar-> authorizations-> deauthorize it.
  • So that you will notice a window appearing on the screen prompting to enter Apple ID and password. after successful login, it deauthorizes perfectly.

Sign out From iCloud


  • Go to the Apple Menu-> select system preferences-> click on iCloud and then press the respective sign out option.
  • As a result, this prompts a window asking whether you like to make a copy of all the iCloud data or not so. Better to keep a copy and proceed helps you a lot from losing of data.
  • Once after successful sign-out, data remains the same. That’s all!!!

Sign out From iMessage

  • First, select messages-> preferences and then perform a click on the iMessage account. Signout successfully.
  • If in case of using Bluetooth device like keyboard or trackpad or any paired enough, unpair them without a second thought.
  • But in the case of iMac/ Mac Pro or Mac mini, must and should need the original USB cable in order to fulfill the steps very well.

Erase The Respective Touch Bar Data


Follow the below instructions accordingly to clear out all the data available in the respective touch bar.

  • The very first, perform a single click on the power button and keep holding the command+R keys for a while.
  • Choose Utilities-> and then terminal from the MacOS Utilities without any fail.
  • Type xartutil –erase-all in the respective terminal. Click on return and type yes when it get prompted on the screen.
  • Click on return-> select terminal-> quit terminal.

Therefore, it is clear enough and ready to implement a factory reset on Macbook Air without fail. After going through all such checklists, now perform the Macbook Air into Factory Settings.

Restart the Macbook Air in Recovery Mode

How to factory reset macbook air? The simple thing the user needs to open Apple menu available in the top left corner of the screen. There you have to choose restart. Once the system restarts successful, hold the command+R to get a recovery window.

Erase the Hard Drive

Follow the steps accordingly, to wash out all the data before performing the successful factory reset.

  • Select Disk Utility available in the utility window.
  • Now, press on continue and then choose the respective startup disk.
  • Perform a click on erase from the button available on the respective window.
  • Now, go to mac OS extended-> finally, click on erase.

Reinstall the MacOS


  • Here, in the first step, apply restart to make your system on.
  • Keep holding command+R keys especially startup disk is waking up. So that Mac starts to boot in recovery mode.
  • Perform a single click on reinstall macOS and continue. Now choose the hard drive and select the disk respectively.
  • Update it to the latest OS and restart to fix the bugs if any.
  • Hold the command+Q and follow setup instructions accordingly. Tap on shut down in order to make it off.
  • As a result, the Mac is clean and ready with new innovations.

Final Words

I hope you are very much clear enough of the whole process provided for how to factory reset macbook air here. For any information or more doubts, can drop a comment in the below rectangular box. If you like the article, share with friends and also on social networking sites. Thank you. Be in touch with techlish for more interesting tutorials.

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