How to Host on Twitch & How People Use Twitch Hosts

Want to know how to host on twitch. There is a one-lined statement accepted by millions of users even today. It all means hosting is the major part involved in seeing growth on twitch accordingly. As such all these are going to be excited for any of the single users these days. On the basis of hosting or updating to the newer ones there are greater chances of bringing millions of users towards one particular stream and achieve greater success.

Before entering into the details what exactly the hosting for? All this come up with an ability to host one particular channel on their own channel’s page respectively. Doing so will never change the chat allowing numerous users viewing the overall content without any fail. In simple whoever broadcaster might be can host any particular channel and vice versa.

How to Host on Twitch

Also most of the times the host mode works on one particular web browser. It is effective for all the potential viewers available in the respective community. As a result start hosting all your favorites through the streamers irrespective of place and time. Let’s go with some more details provided in a clear and understandable format.

How to Host on Twitch

Well there are multiple ways involved to host on twitch without facing any kind of trouble. Here we go with all the methods involved in a clear and better understandable format.

  • Hosting through Chat.
  • Hosting on Mobile
  • Using Auto-host method.

Let us go through right away.

How to Host on Twitch Through Chat

  • Hosting through chat is all means starting another channel. Most importantly one has an ability to create the shortlists of a number of channels which is approved for hosting enough.
  • Also the members of the respective Twitch team will greatly support by allowing all the editors for promoting content which is preapproved respectively.

how to host on twitch

  • In order to start all the thing you need to enter your chat is:

/host <channel name>

  • If in case looking forward to sharing the Twitch on a weekly bases the user is requested to type as /host twitch. As simple as that.
  • Using this particular host command one can transition for another channel around 3 times in the given particular period. If in case the channel you are hosting for goes offline has a chance to host on a different channel.
  • In order to exit the host mode one has to type into the chat which remains enabled until the command is successfully executed.


  • As a result one can see the message displaying in chat as you have exited host mode.

Hosting on Mobile

  • This is an amazing option which held responsible to host all the streamers irrespective of place through Mobile host mode.
  • In order to enable go to the settings, scroll down the page and select Menu-> click on host option respectively.
  • This is greatly supported by the iOS users and later on will be implemented for Android too. Even though auto hosting method is enabled one can host other channels with no second thought.
  • This is all done with the help of chat by typing as:

/host <channelname>

  • One more important point to be remembered is until and unless manual hosting ends the auto hosting method will not start.

How to Host on Twitch using Auto host Method

The most common and preferable one is picking an auto host method. This is all about adding numerous channels to the list so that it automatically selects when you go into offline mode respectively. In simple one can say this as one of the greatest ways to support all the twitch team members or broadcasters and in turn, grows the community well without facing any kind of trouble.

host on twitch

Remember one specific point as the whole auto-hosting system wait for about 3 minutes before hosting one particular channel takes place. Also the user need not worry about un host and process to un host. This is because once the user goes online or live auto host method immediately un host that particular channel without any fail.

how to host someone on twitch

Steps to Enable Auto Hosting Method

  • In the first step navigate to the settings option-> scroll down so that can select the option called Autohosting option available at the bottom of the screen.
  • Toggle it to ON and in order to host the twitch team toggle team hosting to ON state.
  • And now if you are looking to host for specific channels tap on + sign available at the top right of the host and enter the name you like to add upon without any fail.
  • And now at the host priority session one can select any which appeared in the form of lists. Remember one thing as the user can add any number of channels. It all means there is no limit at all.
  • By default they suggest to add up on channels that take at least additional hours on an average.
  • Now it is the time to decide whether to add remaining channels too or not needed.
  • Finally do not forget to click on save changes accordingly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let us go through a few queries that help several users to understand how to host on twitch without any fail. So never step back without having look at the following FAQs.

Does I have a chance to enable auto hosting method on mobile?
The answer is no. Because it only supports desktop version and for iOS.
At present I am on multiple twitch teams. Which one can be picked if I have chosen team hosting?
The primary team is selected.
In what way advertising works especially when you are in host mode?
All the viewers has a chance to look at advertising within the channel. Also this is possible when you are in the host mode.
What is the ads are turned off and looking to host a channel. Is that possible?
The answer is yea. Even though the ads can be seen. Keeping this aside, one can even receive the normal sare of advertising from the commercials with no other doubt.


As per my point of view the details and information provided here are completely true and understandable enough for any users. If you face trouble either understanding the process or any, we will help you with no doubt. The only thing you have to drop the doubt raised or any query followed by the comment box available in the form of a rectangular box. Thank you. Get connected with techlish for more and more tricks and useful information.

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