How to Move A Window That Is Off Screen

How to move a window that is off screen: Here and now when you use windows, various users have come across this situation. The program opens off the screen by performing a simple process. Right click on the window available in the taskbar. Choose to maximize in order to bring it back. This might help you in short or regular intervals.

Moreover the user can try simply choosing a particular application and make it active by tapping on it. Usually, the name of the application will be available on the top left of the Mac OS available next to the Apple logo. Now simply click on word Windows and zoom. Doing so will move a window that is off screen Mac with no errors.

how to move a window that is off screen

Keeping this aside is it possible to resize a particular window? Well!!! Reopening the particular tab is not a big deal. It is as simple as that. Just perform a right click on the respective taskbar, choose to reopen closed tab option or else use the ctrl+shift+T for implementing something. Well, today, we are going to learn about various fixes implemented for how to move a window that is off screen windows 10 respectively.

How to Move A Window That Is Off Screen

Well!!! Never mind when you fail to make a program opens off screen. There are various fixes provided in step by step. Simply follow them accordingly and move a program opens off-screen windows 10 successfully. Let us start analyzing and implement in the same way.

  • Set Resolution value back for Windows 10/8/7
  • Display Desktop Toggle
  • Use Windows short cut key
  • Get Hidden Windows Back with the Help of Keyboard Trick
  • Cascade Respective Windows
  • Maximize

These might have come with simple steps but help in fixing how to move a window that is off screen without any fail. Also you see our guide if your windows sound not working issues and solve it immediately.

Set Resolution value back for Windows 10/8/7

Let us start analyzing and performing the simple and easy steps for the three different versions of windows operating system.

For Windows 10/8

  • First and foremost, start the respective problematic application.
  • Now, right-click anywhere on the blank screen and select display settings available in the form of lists.


  •  There the user is requested to choose advanced display settings available at the bottom of the respective window.


  • Now, try to change the resolution by putting some value and click on apply.
  • Now simply change it back to the previous value accordingly. Tap on Ok with no second thought. That’s all!!!!

For Windows 7

  • Initially, start the problematic application and perform a right click on it to choose screen resolution without any fail.
  • Change the resolution value temporarily and click ok.
  • Crosscheck whether the user is able to see the window on the screen or not so.
  • As a result, change the resolution value to previous and click ok button.

All these might be the simple steps underwent but work greatly. Have a look on how to block incognito mode in windows and mac.

Manifest Desktop Toggle

In order to allow or show up on the respective desktop toggle, implement the below steps one by one.

  • First, hold down the windows key and click on D simultaneously. Repeat multiple times and verify does it makes any window looking for reappearing on the screen.
  • Keeping this aside, you can try even in a different way. Simply right click on the desktop screen and click show the desktop. Repeat multiple times and see the program opens off screen or failed to so so.

Use Windows Short Cut Key

  • Choose the respective program available in the taskbar.
  • Hold down the Windows key while you tap on the right or left arrow continuously for how to move a window that is off screen windows 10 successfully.

Get Hidden Windows Back with the Help of Keyboard Trick

  • Performing this particular fix is very much common on windows 10/8/7/vista. A simple thing you have to hold down the shift key when you perform a right click on the taskbar. Choose move.
  • And if in the case of Windows XP, right click on the taskbar, select move. At times, there is a possibility of choosing restore and get back in order to select a move.


  • You can use the mouse or respective arrow keys available on the keyboard for how to move a window that is off screen respectively.

Cascade Windows Operating System

Perform a right click on anywhere of your desktop screen and then choose cascade windows available in the form of a list. Doing so help to move all windows back onto the main screen in the process.


The main purpose of using this window is to arrange all the windows one by one and check whether they were opened or no.


At times, there is a possibility of happening of any app get stuck even though after taking various precautions. Doing so might not redraw onto the respective window. To resolve it, follow the below steps one by one accordingly.

  • The very first press and hold the ctrl+shift+Esc at a time. So that you can see a task manager window appearing on the screen.
  • Locate the respective application that got stuck and check whether it is in the process tab.
  • Now perform a click on respective application name-> select maximize.


  • If in case, it opens multiple entries then choose Maximum for all the entries opened in the respective taskbar.

Wrapping Up

Hope it is clear enough about how to move a window that is off screen provided here. If you like to have more about it or any doubts, simply drop down in the below rectangular section. We reach you in short and explore the entire information related to it. Like the article, share with friends and also on social networking sites. Thank you. Stay connected with techlish for more interesting tutorials.

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