How to Screenshot on Windows [Quick Guide]

How to screenshot on windows: As such taking screenshots are very much necessary in our daily work environment or any. For suppose if you have any issue or like to complain about a problem arisen in your system like can take a screenshot and explain to the respective technician showing it. And what not!!! They are most beneficial for processing multiple documents.

Keeping the working environment aside they were used even for personal use. For suppose if you are conducting an event and like to send the invitation card designed by any and can get an approval seeing the respective screenshot or modifications/ suggestions if any.

How to Screenshot on Windows

As a result capturing a windows screen shot is not that difficult. There are certain shortcut keys that help to take and can access in a short time. Here we have come with such amazing shortcut keys that help the user to a greater extent.

How to Screenshot on Windows

Here we go with the simple methods that help to take a screenshot in windows successfully. Follow all the steps one by one provided below and implement to capture fast screenshot on your respective system. Let us look forward into it to attempt accordingly.

  • Print Screen
  • Ctrl+Shift+PrntScr
  • Using Snippet Tool
  • Windows+Shift+S
  • Alt+PrntScr
  • Windows+Volume down

Let’s start snipping or capture the screenshot using the above methods which are considered as short and sweet simple methods. Here we go.

Print Screen

This is the first and simplest shortcut that every user go through. That means one can take a screenshot by simply clicking on the “PrntScr” key available on the respective keyboard.

On performing a single click, it automatically takes a screenshot and gets saved on One Drive respectively. One can access simply by clicking on the notification shown at the bottom corner of the screen. That’s all!!!!


Well, ctrl+shift+prntscr is considered as one more shortcut key that helps to take a screenshot in a fraction of seconds. Follow the below steps one by one so that, any user can take without any fail.

  • In the first step, the user has to perform a click on ctrl+shift+prntscr keys to take a screenshot.


  • Now go the windows, search for the paint in your respective system.


  • Open it and paste accordingly. Crop and edit if needed. Otherwise, save the file either on the desktop or any for the fast access.
  • That’s all!!!!

Using Snippet Tool

Snippet tool is the best for taking screenshots. This is the most simple and easiest technique that every single user choose. It was the best solution for how to screenshot on windows respectively. Even though there are various shortcut keys, the snippet tool does best in taking a shot comparatively.


Highly preferable or suggestable for any user who was in need of taking pictures. If in that case, how to use? Follow the below steps one by one to take an absolute or the perfect one. This present pop-up window consists of file, tools, edit and helps respectively. Whatever it is, one can select, save by choosing the destination accordingly.

As a result, it is compatible enough with all the Windows version. Now, let us go with the steps to be taken while having a shot.

  • Go to the Windows logo available in the left bottom of the screen.
  • And there in the search bar, simply provide the input as snippet tool and then click on enter.
  • So that you get the window appearing on the screen.
  • There you have to click on new, as such you can drag and select to take a shot.
  • Once the user has released the cursor, it captures the selected portion taking forward as a screenshot respectively.


This is another possible way to capture the screenshot. It all uses the snip and sketch method. Once you perform the respective shortcut, it dims and therefore the user can have a look at the snip and sketch small menu appearing on the top of the screen.


Simply drag to the selected portion and release for taking a screenshot in windows respectively.



For the quick screenshot, it is very much useful. One can snap the current window and copy to the respective clipboard. One has to open the shot in the respective image editor for saving it.

Windows+Volume down

Last but not least, use such an amazing physical button in order to capture the whole screen very well. In order to perform, simply hold down the windows logo available at the bottom of the screen and hit the volume down button without stepping back.


The screen gets highlighted dim and it automatically saves the whole screen as a perfect screenshot. Users can find those by navigating to pictures-> screenshots

Final Words

Try out these simple shortcut keys for taking a screenshot on windows with greater quality. Well, if you like the article how to screenshot on windows, can share with friends and also on social networking sites without any fail. Moreover, for any doubts, simply drop a comment in the below rectangular box. Thank you. Stay connected with techlish for more interesting tutorials.

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