How to Take Screenshot On Mac

Want to know how to take screenshot on mac. Well There is good news for all the Mac users. People who were facing a lot of trouble in taking screenshots, no need to worry anymore. We have come with various shortcut keys that help all the users to a greater extent. Probably, the user might aware of somehow to take screenshots.

But here, this explains starting from taking an entire screen to various in clear and better understandable format. Try out these which majorly helps you. Whatever method you use, picking up a destination to save completely matters. This is because the user has a great chance to save one particular file for post easy access.

how to take screenshot on mac

Note that once the image is captured, it automatically asks to save with what name. By default, it shows a screenshot along with the date and time respectively [year-month at what time]. All these screenshots were saved with a .png format these are like how to screenshot on windows. Moreover if you prefer the format of a particular image can be changed without any fail. Let us now study how to screenshot on mac very well.

How to Take Screenshot on Mac

Taking a screenshot on mac is not that difficult. One can use any of these onscreen shortcut keys to capturing either full screen or a little which is in need.

  • Capture the whole screen.
  • Capture only a Selected Part
  • Take a Whole Window Screenshot
  • Taking a Screenshot using Grab
  • Set up a time to Take a Screenshot
  • Taking a Screenshot on Mac Using Preview.
  • Take a Screenshot Using Touch bar

Take a look apply and use on the basis of your need without any fail.

Capture the whole screen

At times, it is necessary to take a whole screen capture on mac. This is possible with the following steps. Have a look and start taking screenshots on the basis of your needs.

how to screenshot on mac

  • Hold the command+shift+3 keys in order to take the entire screen as a screenshot.
  • Therefore, the image in terms of png format will get saved on your desktop respectively.

If in case, your mac got updated recently???? Is that the version called Mojave?? the respective preview get appears at the corner of the screen. Also one can use the thumbnail in order to markup, share, save or can try to take any other actions without stepping back. Mean while have a look at how to factory reset macbook air.

Capture only a Selected Part

Well, this is another method that helps to take a screenshot on macbook very quick. The process is all dedicated to the users who like to select only a specific part rather than the entire screen. Moreover, the user who is looking to have a quick look at the documents at the time of updation can be taken into granted.

how to take a screenshot on a mac

  • In the first step, tap on command+shift+4 at a time.
  • Once doing so, immediately select the portion you like to take a screenshot with the help of your mouse pointer.
  • Now, With the help of a spacebar, selected part is captured and therefore, all set to save at the respective destination folder.
  • Remember, these were saved in the form of the PNG format. If required, can choose another format depending on the user specifications.

Take a Whole Window Screenshot

This is very much similar to the previous one. Tap command+shift+4 simultaneously for selecting the whole window as a screenshot and then click on the space bar. That’s all!!! Now it is all set to save the captured image on the respective destination folder.

How to take a Screenshot on a Mac using Grab

What exactly is a grab? Do not worry about it. This is all act like a program introduced on preinstalled macs in the present scenario. One can take all the screenshots directly with the help of the menu bar. In order to make use of it, simply follow the below steps accordingly.

how to take a screenshot on a mac

  • First and foremost, launch the gram available through the utilities lying at applications folder respectively.
  • Open it. So that one can simply use the capture command directly or the shortcut keys provided here. It is all up to the user choice.

how do i take a screenshot on my mac

And what not!!!! Through this feature, one can take either a selected part/ entire screen/ selected window respectively.

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Set up a time to Take a Screenshot

taking a screenshot on mac

This is considered as time-screen option none other than having a delay around 10 seconds before taking a screenshot. To do so, simply open Grab-> and then click on command+shift+z at a time. That’s all!!!! As simple as that!!!

Taking a Screenshot on Mac Using Preview

The preview was considered as a great option comparatively. It is a default tool available as in the form of an in-built feature. Also, one can simply edit the pictures using this option successfully. Follow the simple instructions that help in having a screen capture on mac respectively.

  • Firstly, open the preview available in your Mac operating system.
  • Tao on file available in the menu bar.
  • Choose the option called take screenshot provided in the form of lists. That might be a whole screen or a single window/ selected part. It is all up to the user’s need or preferences.

I highly suggest choosing this amazing option rather than any other.

Take a Screenshot Using Touchbar

Last. but not least!!!! As mentioned one can take a screenshot even through the touch bar without facing any kind of trouble. The process is very much simple.

screen capture on mac

Just using a short cut key such as tapping on Shift+command+6, captures exactly what is available in the touch bar respectively. Moreover all these screenshots were saved in the form of the PNG format.

Wrapping Up

These are the simple shortcut key methods that help for taking a screenshot on Mac successfully. If you are in need or like to get more simple methods or shortcut keys, comment down in the below rectangular box. We message you in short thank you. Try out these simple process and share this knowledge with all your friends using social networking sites. Thank you. Stay tuned with techlish for greater and useful tutorials.

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