Mailinator Alternatives For Disposable Email Address Service

The Mailinator alternative is one of the best platform act like a throwaway email service. This portal is created in such way allowing the user for creation of new email domain immediately and accepts any of the domain entered at the Mailinator alternatives. The sites like Mailinator does not insist on the registration process to an account or for accessing through a password. It aims at providing the service for various users in creating the temporary email address. Mailinator alternative domains are said to be disposable and can be auto-trashed within few hours which is useful as a temporary email address.

There is various Mailinator alternative domain that is available which is considered as the best source for generating the temporary email address. An individual can gain the knowledge by having a look on the following few features. One can use simple commands for Mailinator domains say inbox likely reading the message and to delete it immediately.


Before going to getting the free mail services you have a glance on the features of mailinator alternative so that you will know the mail services requirements to send the mail and also its usage. This mail service is similar to the many other mail services and you can get the free mailinator alternative below.

Best Mailinator Alternatives

The following are the latest and available Mailinator alternatives that help in providing the temporary email address accessible by any of the individuals in a most simple way. You can use any of the service below and send mails to your friends and family.

  • 10-minute email
  • Getairmail
  • Fake Inbox
  • Spamgourmet
  • MintEmail
  • YOP
  • Mailmate

10Minute Email

The 10Minutemail is considered as temporary disposable targets on beating spam. Helps in avoiding spam by providing the free secure email address. This will act like random email address hosted by the sites that leave only for 10 minutes. Thereafter get disappears or disposed of automatically. This is utilized for both sending as well as receiving the messages. 10-Minute email has come up with 42 languages ranging likewise Spanish, Korean and so on. It has another provision of offering in the form of saying. I need more time!!! Give me 10 minutes!!!

Mailinator Alternatives


The Getairmail can also refer as Air mail helps in providing the free disposable service providing a random email address. All emails received will get appeared in online browser inbox automatically. This is created as such a good platform provides the safety in greater extent from the infected files by spam. Getair mail that is crafted through the site and visualize at any time via URL. The IP address will not be seen but messages can be removed automatically after 24 hours.

Best Mailinator Alternatives

Fake Inbox

Fake Inbox is one of the best among the various Malinator alternatives that offer the disposable email address provided at no cost. One has to provide in any form of the site for email verification, pop up into the main page automatically once it completes its verification.

Mailinator Alternative


Spamgourmet provides the free service supported by the donations. Helps in allowing the user to set the count for each temporary email address more than 20 and has a provision of reestablishing the address at any time. The specialty of this service is one can create the fake email is likely to the real mail id. And allows the user to access like the original one. Once it completes the creation process, the user has the accessibility to use most convenient and effective anti spam tools. Firstly create email id in Spam gourmet and forward the address to receive all the emails. This has another provision of giving self-destructing email ID at any time after the creation of fake email id. An individual can have fun by using the Spamgourmet choose from Mailinator alternatives.



Mint Email is one of the best email service provider and has the provision of selecting the best features compared to other temporary email services whenever it is treated as important. This has an advantage of providing the new compatibility platform helps in improving the status of the inbox. One can use the MintEmail as a web service and also the stipulated disposable account. This is similar to the mailinator but is having more features in it.

SItes like Mailinator


YOP is most simple, efficient service provider against the spam, phishing and from other malicious online files. This has a provision of providing the security for the actual email by using the disposable email id whenever it requires. This YOP can create the temporary inbox of the users choice and one can get protected in a safe manner. In addition to this an individual says the third party can also get the access to the email address by hacking.

Alternatives for Mailinator


Mailmate is one among the temporary email service providers excludes the entire registration fees. This has the provision of converting inbox from the community to private with the help of registration. The Mailmate has the group mailing service that is the unique feature and helps in personal needs. One can enter the email account name and refer it as simple as possible. In addition to this the mails sent are free in this service.

Mailinator like websites

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Finally the Mailinator alternatives are the most famous and best-providing sites that help to create the temporary email id similar to actual mail id. This has a provision of auto trashing method for most of the alternatives. There are various alternatives which are very similar to the Mailinator as discussed above. If you have any doubt raise a comment on the below section. For the further information visit techlish anytime. Finally you can share the article on the social networking sites if you like it.

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