Manycam Alternatives and Similar Software

The word ManyCam is the web based software mainly focus on the features of live studio effects that add more innovative graphics having gossip on the internet. This software has been developed especially for the web cam conversation to enhance the greater experience. The programs like manycam completely differ from one another. As traditional webcam offers only face to face conversation and this manycam alternative provides excellent features and functions for live video chat.

The software like manycam performs the best chatting experience provided with high quality and an individual can adore the features as well the function s of the live video chat. The main important function or feature of manycam alternatives are broadcast on various channels, adding the features of web effects, Chroma key, screen casting and other different effects that take as an advantage for the live video chat to the next level.


There are various alternatives to manycam that provide the multiple effects with advanced innovative graphics used by the various clients. The various free manycam alternative is categorized into various ways.

Best 5 ManyCam Alternatives

The best free manycam alternative can be shown in this article which is frequently used by the various clients namely, SplitCam, Yawcam, Sparko cam, Screenface cam and  CamTwist. The software like manycam provides high quality as well as more innovative graphics with visual effects.

The manycam free alternative broadcast into various channels providing adorable visual effects attracting the users in greater extent.There is another application namely WebcamMax will be similar to manycam.

  • Split Cam
  • Yawcam
  • Sparko cam
  • ScreenfaceCam
  • CamTwist


SplitCam is one of the web based software constitute multiple visual effects and also has a provision of video splitting system opposite to manycam. Various applications concentrate on capturing the images from the single source, where the software SplitCam has a provision of capturing the images in a perfect manner from 2 different programs at a single instance. This is one of the best alternative to manycam.

manycam alternatives

Features of SplitCam

  • It has the cool web cam software effects same as the other softwares.
  • This is realistic in nature.
  • The SplitCam will be streaming to various services.
  • Also it uses the IP camera as a source.
  • The HD videos are broadcasted and provide the resolution support for the videos.


Yawcam is again one of the best web based software, not only captures from the two different programs at a single instance, also provides the main purpose of sending the captured image to the other different users as well. This is one of the best application software for the video streaming. There are huge features as well functionalities for the Yawcam. This is also known as Webcam Software.

manycam alternative


  • This software has an option of providing video streaming.
  • The software provides built in web server.
  • It has the File Transfer Protocol(FTP) -upload.
  • YawCam has another provision of providing security for the passwords.
  • Runs as a Windows Service
  • Also supports multiple languages.


This SparkoCam is one of the web based software specially designed for the Canon based cameras. Also it supports other different cameras. This software mainly uses its own camera providing various features, effects and also adding the additional functionality to the default camera. This is applied for the live video chatting as well for the recordings in addition to this it has many advantages.

best manycam alternatives

Features of SparkoCam

  • This provides face accessories.
  • The cam is DSLR as it provides the greater resolution.
  • It has the provision of green streaming.
  • This provides fun objects and animations.
  • The Sparko has an option of split webcam video as well video recording with high resolution.


The ScreenFaceCam is one of the manycam alternatives providing the live chat function as well, also provides in dealing with the system of recording the complete or whole desktop by using its own video output with the help of a webcam. It allows the user to add the sound effect with almost the support of 1080p. This is capable of performing the various features as well as multiple functions almost better than manycam.

softwares like manycam

Features of ScreenFaceCam

  • This cam provides high resolution.
  • It has the specialty of recording the complete system with the help of its own camera.
  • Also provide an as sound effect in greater extent.


This is one of the best web based software and highly qualified camera which is capable of providing the output with greater resolution that is opposite to manycam softwares. Once an individual uses the CamTwist, will adore the functions as well features as shown below.

apps like manycam

Features of  CamTwist

  • It works in high definition.
  • The create its own visual effects with high resolution.
  • This has the provision live streaming with the web.
  • Also works with HDMI capture cards.
  • Finally This cam includes 50+ built in effects.

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Hence technology has improved in greater extent by adding the innovative features as well as multiple effects. Maximum clients preferring the ManyCam Alternatives as it is one of the best web based software providing the multiple visual effects and graphics, designed in such a way where an individual enjoy the functionality of the manycam. Therefore for the further information, you can visit techlish and can access the information easily. Finally from this article you have got the best manycam alternatives for free.

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