Movie8k Alternatives and Similar Websites

Movie8k is one of the movie streaming website that has a lot of collection of new movie releases. This website has the collection of the movies according to the year of releasing. That is if you want to get the previous movie releases, then you can simply go to that year and check for the movie. All the old movies and series are available in this website for free.

Previously this website was having a huge number of traffic but due to some issues it was announced that this movies8k website is going to be shutdown, so many of the users were searching for the movie8k alternatives.


For those who needs the sites like movie8k, for them here we are going to provide the list of the new websites that are better than this movie8k and from those sites you can watch the movies for free in online. All these are the best movie streaming sites that were more popular.

Best Movie8k Alternatives

Below are the list of the best movie8k alternatives that will stream the movies in online for free. You can choose any one of these websites to stream the movies for free.



Primewire is one of the best alternative to movie8k to provide the online streaming movies. This website is primewire ag which is a best online movie streaming website that has a database of most number of movies in all languages. This website is having the dubbed movies in regional languages. You can have the movies that can be streamed in online for free. There are other movie streaming websites in online but this primewire is considered to be one of the best among them.


Solarmovie is the top streaming website to stream the movies for free in online. This website is the for online video streaming. Ofcourse this solarmovie is the top alternative of movies8k that will provide the new and latest releases of all upcoming movies. This website is having a search box to search for the movies. So you can simply type a movie name in the search box and you will get a lot of options here. Select a movie and watch it for free.


movie8k alternatives

Couchtuner ag is a tv streaming website to watch the series in online for free. It is relatively considered as the best alternative for the movie8k website. You can watch game of thrones, modern family, the walking dead for free in the couchtuner site. All the videos are available in high quality and you will have a great experience with this website. It will show as if you were having a tv with you. The most of experience with this website is too good as per users review.


Movie4k is the best site to watch the movies or series in online, this website is one of the sites like In this site you can get the top latest releases of movies with english sub titles. This has made the website to be more popular. You can also download the movies on to your desktop or pc with this website. You can register and save your favourite movies and watch them when you are in offline. There are other movie4k alternatives which you can see below.


movie8k alternatives

CoolMovieZone is a one stop movie destination for all your entertainment needs. There is not other website that is providing the full length hollywood movies. There is no need to pay anything to watch these movies in online. You can enjoy the content for free and you will love it. It is a reliable website that can hold on full movies for you. You will be able to get the access to your watched history so that based on your history it will show your interests.


Hope you have got the best alternatives for the movie8k website. All these websites are to stream the movies in online and also you can have some other websites to watch the movies. If you think there are other sites better than those of that we have provided then you can simply share with us. Visit our techlish for more information. Also share the article in other social networking sites which may help some one.

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