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Want to know about the best plex alternative. Plex is one of the best media server in which we can view and stream the files like video, audio, Music and all other files. We can also easily connect one or more devices to stream the same content to all the connected devices at a time. And by using this Media server we can directly share the content to the social media.

But by the recent update, this app has been crashed and having complaints. And you are one of them and looking for the alternatives to plex. Then you are in the right place today I’m going to share with you the best Plex Alternatives and also the apps like Plex.

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The below given are the list of top 10 Plex Alternatives in which you can get almost all the features which are present in Plex media server. Well, these programs like Plex are also the media servers which are also famous and also used by many of the people. So, let’s get into the topic and see the free Plex alternative and also decide which app you want to use as a Plex alternative.

Alternatives and Programs like Plex

The below given are the top 10 plex alternative apps which are a very useful media server tool for our day to day tasks. Now you can enjoy streaming videos, audio and other stuff with your family at a time. Please read the details about all the alternatives to plex given here and then try your favourite alternatives.

1. MediaPortal

It is said to be one of the top alternatives to plex media server which is a single Platform media player designed for PC. Media Portal will transform the Data of PC into the Personal media. It will generally work on the digital hardware and also it can be able to establish the connection between one PC to another PC. You can also connect with your Tv and stream your files on the Tv using this MediaPortal Software.

plex alternatives

So, in this way media portal will help you in streaming your files on Tv and other Devices without any wire connections.

2. Emby

This is one of the media servers like Plex which will bring all the home of music, videos, photos and all the stuff together into one place. Emby is the perfect software which can give us streaming services of all our data into different devices. This server will automatically convert and then streams the media to play on any device on-the-go.

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By using this app, we can get the best benefits and also we can say this as the best alternative for the Plex media server. I will suggest that you have to definitely give it a try.

3. JRiver Media Center

JRiver Media is also the alternative to Plex and also said to be a complete Multimedia solution platform to organise the media. This app will organise all type of the media and play it on any device like Tv, mobile and also on another PC. This app is so popular and officially available on both Windows and Mac OS X.

best plex alternatives

Tha another Important thing in the app is that we can build our own media centre and then organise our media files based on our preferences. I will say that this is also a best alternative and top in the list.

4. Kodi

Kodi is Just like the Tv in which we can easily get the media files to the Tv. With this app, you can enjoy the online programs and Live Tv and lots of different features. This app is also available for Windows, Mac, iOS and also for Android. You can play and view the videos, audio, podcast and all other media files present in local storage or you can directly stream from online.


As far we have discussed this is the overall app, in which we can easily stream the Tv shows, movies and all other stuff online. So we can say this as a best ever plex alternative.

5. Windows Media Services

Windows media server is the best tool which was introduced by the Windows OS. This is also a Media Streaming service for all the Windows Devices. This tool is from the house of Microsoft which is the one-stop destination for all your Streaming needs. But there is only one thing annoying is that it will only support the Windows file formats and other formats are may don’t. It will easily play the formats like MP3 and JPEG formats only.

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It will easily play the formats like MP3 and JPEG formats only. But still, we can give this also a try when replacing the plex.

6. MediaTomb

MediaTomb is the open source server to stream the media files. This media server contains a genuine and straight web user content. You can stream your digital media files present in your own storage, online and also the best ever UPnP media server platform which will make the streaming easy. But it will deploy some specifications of the UPnP MediaServer.

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It is a PC device and you can use it on PC devices only. By using this app we can stream the files on all our devices without any problem.

7. Serviio

Serviio is a free and premium multitasking media server to stream the files. This app is also available for the Mac, Linux and Windows operating systems. This also works same like Other media server apps, but it will only compatible with the DLNA devices only. And this si an expert in Media file streaming like video and Music.

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By using this we can also get the hassle free environment and also to get the best experience of watching your photos, videos and music on the TV and all other devices.

8. Universal Media Server

Universal Media Server is also working similar to serviio. Because this is also a DLNA supporting multimedia platform. We can use it for the purpose of streaming media of all types and format. There are no restrictions imposed.We can stream on any devices like PlayStations, consoles, smart TVs, smartphones, DVD player etc.

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Universal Media Server is totally free of cost and we can also update it frequently to get the best experience of streaming.

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These are the best alternatives to Plex and also the similar Programs like Plex. Now you can view and listen to videos and Music and enjoy the podcast using these plex media server alternatives. Hope you get the right app to your system from this above given list. What is your favourite Alternative? please comment with your answer below. If you like the post then share it with your friends. Thank you for visiting techlish keep visiting for more updates. Thank you.

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