Quicken Alternatives and Softwares Like Quicken

Are you looking for the best Finance Software just like Quicken? then you are in the right place.  Here I am going to give you the best top 5 Quicken alternatives for the best and most useful alternatives for your day-to-day finance work on your Desktop. Till now the best finance software are intuited, which we can say as the standard one. Also, quicken and Quickbooks are also the best finance software for your desktop.

They will keep track of your accounts and financial things in this single app. Now, you need not waste your time writing written updates of your ledger or create your balance sheet etc. You can all do it in less time using this Quicken. The following are the best alternatives to quicken, in which you can get all our work done without any stress.


Read the following given alternatives and get to know what is the best among the given list of free quicken alternative. You can also know about each and every alternative and then you can install your favourite app and then tell your opinion on it using the comment section of our website.

Best Quicken Alternatives

Some of the music lovers found that the quicken will recently give the updates to the app and we have to upgrade the app. We will get excited that what update is given. But, when you install the new version, you can see slight visual changes and images and get disappointed. So, we feel that these updates are meaningless and not worth to the time.

Many of the people thinking that the alternatives to quicken are the best solution for this. Here I am going to give you the best alternatives below. Check out these quicken like programs and information about them and share your views with me.

1. Jgnash Personal Finance

It is an open source personal finance account manager which has the similar features like quicken. We can meet and any operating system which runs on Java 7 runtime environment.

Quicken Alternatives

So we can say this and best alternative for this Quicken Finance manager app.

2. GnuCash

Coming from GNU GPL open source license is a best replacement for quicken, it was named as the GnuCash which is a useful alternative for the personal finance management. It has several features in the app like Double-entry, Reports, Graphs, Bar charts etc. If your bank supports, then you can also link up your bank account and thereby download the transactions.

softwares like quicken

This GnuCash supports QIF files, that means quick books. So, if your bank connects to the QuickBooks, then you can easily connect to GnuCash also see some sites like back page and free backpage alternatives.

3. Acemoney

Acemoney will be similar to the apps like quicken and Microsoft Money. But, the only difference is this Acemoney is not an open source, you have to pay $40 to access the app. When you take the paid version then you can get unlimited access to accounts.

quicken like softwares

But you want for free, this app is available in a lite version for free which will allow you to get only two accounts tracked. But it is the best app and the money worth it.

4. Mint

Although there are many numbers of apps, this Mint from the house of “Intuit” is also the best Quicken Alternative through which we can do all our financial work. The important thing about this app is that it is available in Online. This will automatically download and categorizes the transactions from the Bank account and that too this app is available for free.


So if you’re ok with the financial information stored on the remote server or the internet, then  you can definitely choose this as the quicken replacement.

5. Money Dance

It is not for free, but it is the best Free quicken alternative in which we can do all the work and the app is similar to the other above given apps. But this will contains all the features which is popular for mac devices.

quicken alternative

It also has a windows and linux version so you can use this on any platform. There is an option to sync your mobile device with it for free.

6. MoneySpire

The Moneyspire offers greater support for the different platforms likewise Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. You can also do create a budget and download all the transactions from the respective bank. Moreover, the Moneyspire is available for free to try. This mobile version is available for the iOS operating system only, with no access to Android support.

quicken like softwares

Moneyspire is mainly focused on making the complete money management in a very easy way and does so with the best simple and easy-to-follow all the views in a perfect way. The majority of your time in the app will take place on single screen. So No user need to get worried about jumping all around especially between the views.

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So friends today we have discussed these wonderful apps and quicken alternatives. With this quicken, you can get all your financial documents get ready in your Desktop. As this is a Desktop application you can download it directly on your PC. Hope you guys had decided what is the best alternative for quicken now. Don’t wait, just downloads the app and then simply say your words with us in the below provided comments Box. Keep visiting Techlish for more updates on Best Alternatives for apps, Softwares and others.

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