Sandboxie Alternatives & Programs Similar to Sandboxie

Hello everyone here we are going to share with you the top 7 Best Alternatives for Sandboxie tool. It is a PC tool which will protect our data. Now there is no threat of losing data because of the viruses and Roots. Because in so many cases the data loss will cause because of the viruses and Unsecured downloads.

But this protects you from malware or spyware, In addition to this, you can also secure from unsecured websites. It blocks the websites immediately whenever you surf those malicious websites. There are so many programs like Sandboxie are available, so here let’s discuss the Sandboxie alternative.


Also this is a free software and also giving excellent features for free. And still you want more than this Sandboxie gives, then these are the best alternative to sandboxie and select the best tool and Install it on your PC/Laptop. The following are the best and top 7 alternatives to Sandboxie which will look and work like this freeware. So check out these Sandboxie alternatives and their features and have fun.

Alternatives to Sandboxie

As this Sandboxie will give the complete protection for you through Internet threats like malware and viruses. Then look out these alternatives for Sandboxie which will be equal in features with small differences. Listed below are the best Sandboxie alternatives:

Hopedot VOS

It is also an advanced and professional freeware and the best programs like Sandboxie. This app enables you with the entirely new environment which will be similar to your Windows OS. By using this app, you can download and Install the apps as you do in your Windows software. It will be very hard to find your data when you are using this app. Because this app will provide you personalized environment for the Internet and all your accounts.


So, overall with the unique environment and Interface, it is also a very helpful app for your PC for the extensive security to you. So once download and install and try it on your PC if you want a Sandboxie alternative.

Cuckoo Sandbox

Cuckoo sandbox is another alternative to Sandboxie which is a Software checking program, which will scan your newly installed software’s to maintain safety and security on your Windows. It is also a Windows operating system. It is different from the above alternatives, but it will create a virtual environment in the system temporarily. It is also an Open Source automated malware analyzing and securing system in which we can be able to block the unwanted and unsafe installations.

sandboxie alternatives

So overall we can say this as the best alternative for the Sandboxie. As there are so many alternatives but still we can give this app a try.


It is also a freeware and  one of the sandboxie alternatives. This Bitbox is a Free Virtual Environment for both Windows and Linux OS. It gives the best security and Internet web browsing. This is better alternative when compared to above ones. This app will help you to block the exchange of your data through the internet.

sandboxie like programs

Nowadays, all of us use internet all the time and surfing the different kinds of sites. So, here we are going to download this app to protect you from shoppers who shares your personal information and so many things.

iCore Virtual Account

This iCore virtual environment is previously known as the iCore Computer 3-in-1. this app consists ofd a virtualization technology in which we can be used for the purpose of sandboxing. As it is a new app in the market, but gives the better security when compared with the other alternatives. It is also a similar program which will block the threats that will enter to our computer using new software installs.

sandboxie alternative

So we can say it as a better security purpose for the icore virtual account and also we can surely give it a try. So download this once and try. Share your experience with us.

Comodo Virtual Desktop

Comodo Virtual Desktop is a sandboxed OS and virtualization system being operated by the Comodo that is popularly known as providing the Chromium-based web browsers. Comodo Virtual Desktop has its own way of making the system of its users keep and secure.

best sandboxie alternative

Unlike other sandbox OS and those programs that are based on the technology of virtualization, Comodo Virtual Desktop has its own independent state of the art protection.


This one is a free app and is a perfect alternative of Sandboxie. The tool is having all the features, that you usually get in the tool, you use. The excellent features include a perfect protection of your PC and your browsing experience. Since this one is a free tool, you can easily install it and experience the tool. You will definitely like it.

free sandboxie alternative

So we can say this buffer zone as the best ever alternative for the sandboxie. So, you can definitely give it a try this Buffer zone sandboxie alternative.


This is a tool that works into root, it leaves an isolated area for malware’s and enters into the root files. Thus the malware’s will not be able to enter your OS and create any damage to your system. Malware can never leave the isolated space and enter your OS. This is also a free tool. So use it with absolute ease.


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These are the best alternatives for the Sandboxie in which we can get protection from malware and several different threats come from the internet. Here I have given top 7 alternatives for the tool called Sandboxie. Try these alternatives and which worked well for you, please tell us through the comment section. Also share this post with your friends through facebook, twitter etc. Thank you so much for reading this article, keep visiting techlish for more details and best alternatives to the apps.

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