Scrivener Alternatives & Similar Softwares

Get the best scrivener alternatives from us. Here we have listed about the best scrivener alternatives for the words processing tool Scrivener in which we can edit the documents and all other writings so that there will be no errors in your documents. You can view all your files and also supports editing your documents in the real time. It is available as an Application and also you can use it on PC. It is mostly useful for the writers of big data files like novels, Books and documentaries etc.

The best about Scrivener is that it will deliver you full command control on your documents by helping you get your document in a style you are looking for. Some of the features of Scrivener are regarding edit multiple documents, corkboard, outlining, collections etc.


Here are the details about the best alternatives to Scrivener and also you can easily manage your writings or documents. You can edit multiple documents at a time using this Scrivener. Now you can work according to the requirements, still you want to know about the programs like Scrivener then read the following. Also here you can use these alternatives instead of the scrivener.

Scrivener Alternatives & Programs like Scrivener

The following are the best scrivener alternatives and also the programs like the scrivener. These alternatives will work as same as the scrivener in which you can edit and view your documents. Also here you can easily manage the big amount of word files.  Check out the alternatives given here, and choose one to install and use as an alternative to Scrivener.

1. FocusWriter

It is the tool for the distraction-free writing platform for the professional purpose. This is mostly useful for Writers, Authors, translators, journalists and all the people related to the writing field. It is just like scriven which is a word processing tool which makes the writers work free. This app is very useful for all the operating systems like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.


This is a Free app and you can install it for Free. As this is the best alternative for Scrivener, you can install it on your PC and give it a try.

2. Page Four

Page four is the best Alternative for Scrivener and also works just like Focus Writer. By using this app we can manage our writings hassle free. With this professional writing platform for easy writing of big articles, novels and books. It is multi-tasking in which we can work on four documents or novels at the same time.

scrivener alternatives

It has many features to do all the tasks, so we can say this as the best writer management tool and a cool and hassle free tool as a scrivener alternative.

3. Smart Edit

This is the MS Word supported tool for the MS word processor which can be effectively useful for the writers and novelists. This will give you the notification by highlighting the mistakes in your writings so then you can rectify it. Also here we can also edit the writings with the smart edit feature which will improve your writing quality. This app is also containing some add-on which will provide a better platform to work with.

softwares like scrivener

So overall when comparing with the other features, we can easily use it to edit complex and lengthy articles. This is the alternative that we all should try, and if you like it then continue using.

4. Freewriter

It is also a distraction free writer we can use as a Scrivener alternative. It will assist you for your writings and the long documents on the go. The free writer will really give you all the management tools for the writers so that they can easily write and manage lengthy articles.  Either it is about writing stories or novels. FreeWriter can be used to write anything that is in your mind. In fact, it always put its users the best stories than anything else.

scrivener like softwares

5. Celtx

Celtx is a free and professional level of scriptwriting and all in one production programs for the professional authors and writers. It is built-in with multiple features and you can organise and create multiple media projects such as screenplays, documentaries, comics, games, stage plays, audio plays and videos. It is equally usable for authors, writers, filmmakers and media creators. Besides providing you with a writing platform, it also provides the creative platform for you to explore yourself.

softwares like scrivener

It is equally usable for authors, writers, filmmakers and media creators. Besides providing you with a writing platform it also provides the creative platform for you to explore yourself.

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So these are the best scrivener alternatives through which you can make your word tools easy. Hope you got the best information about the alternatives to the scrivener and they worked well for you. If you like the article share this post with your friends using Facebook, Twitter and other platforms. Thank you so much for visiting our website, keep visiting techlish for more details on software alternatives and app alternatives.

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