Top 5 Showbox Alternatives To Watch Online

Showbox is no doubt one of the amazing apps to watch movies and TV shows. It is an app designed especially for those who really love to watch movies. But some times showbox is not available in some countries, for them showbox alternatives are provided here. These alternative apps of showbox are mostly compatible with all platforms either it is Windows, MAC or Android. You can definitely go for movie apps like Showbox but now a day’s people are reporting that they are encountering severe bugs with Show box. This is the reason why people want to search for Showbox alternatives.

These days we observed people are regularly searching for Show box alternative. So we thought to make your task simpler by letting you know which the top 5 apps like show box alternatives are and from where you can stream the movies easily. Not all the applications works properly to watch the movies in online.

showbox alternatives

These 5 alternatives are good enough that you can go for them and you will get all the features in these which you got with Show box. So it is time to know about apps like show box for Android, windows and MAC. All are not that expensive and you can easily go for them, you can easily get these applications from the itunes and play stores. Let us have a look at them.

Best Apps Like Showbox to Watch Movies

So now you see the best Show box alternatives which are good in their respects. Also they are better in terms of performance. You will encounter less number of bugs in this app also you can see the movies in internet from 123movies. After viewing these entertainment apps you can get any of the one that you like the most.

Playbox HD

This is one of the decent entertainment apps which contain almost all the features which Showbox is having. No doubt it is one of the best alternatives which you can go for. You will get to see HD quality videos and TV series shows on it. It is compatible with almost all platforms either it is Android, Windows or MAC. This Showbox alternative app has almost all collection of movies whether they are old or new.

showbox alternatives

In fact, not only this you will get the too large collection of English, Bollywood and other regional movies. You can also see TV series shows on this and also the quality you decide as per your data pack. It is literally one of the best entertainment apps which are really worth going for and also it is a sites like primewire. It has a very user friendly interface due to which people like this app a lot. This is absolutely free. It is a complete package. Go for this app and then enjoy a lot.

Crackle App

Crackle is the app which is a perfect alternative to Showbox. You can download any and any number of movies without any restriction. It has the total collection of 30 million movies which is just stupendous. That means you get a large collection of movies. You should once use this app and then give your feedback. It is compatible with all platforms that make it multi platform compatible.

apps like showbox

You can also stream online TV shows on it which make it best viewer’s choice. Also you can store your favorite movies and TV shows on it so that you can view it later. Isn’t it amazing? Yes, it is. It is absolutely free. You don’t need to pay any money in order to install it. It is really a good app to go for. Just try this app and then decide which app is best for your purpose.

Hulu App

It is one of the most famous apps these days when we think of watching movies on our android phones or any smartphone. In this its latest movies get updated regularly due to which people like a lot. Not only this but a large collection of movies in available in its app. Also the other features are moreover same as that of the Show box.

showbox alternative

Even if your internet connection is slow then also you can go for this app as it will let you stream movies in such low internet connection. Isn’t it stupendous? This is the thing why I am in love with Hulu app. Also in it, you can prepare your watch list in which you can add several movies which you can view later. No doubt it is an amazing entertainment package which everyone should go for. Just try this once and you will love it for sure.

Popcorn Time

It has really very good interface and is very good Show box alternative. It works well on all platforms either it is your windows phone or iPhone or any Android smartphone. You can easily stream movies with the help of this app. This is absolutely free so you don’t need to pay a single penny for installing this app.

apps similar to showbox

You should definitely go for this app if you want a free entertainment app. In that case it will be the best choice for you. The videos which you can see in this app are also of different qualities. You can watch them in 320p, 480p or 720p. It has a very user friendly interface but talking of movies then it has no doubt one of the best collection of movies. Just go for this app and enjoy watch movies as much as you can.

Movie Box App

It has amazing number of old as well as new movies. It works extremely well with all platforms. The platform can be any either your windows phone or android phone. It has all regional language movies also either Marathi or Punjabi and TV shows which can be seen in any quality.


Even if your internet speed is slow you will be able to see the shows clearly. Isn’t that amazing? It has the very simple interface which is very easy to understand. You can just install in your system and enjoy watching movies. It is a really good app to for. If I were at your position then I would surely go for this app due to its vast collection and such a wonderful interface.

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So now we have looked at 5 amazing entertainment applications. All are really very good and you must be excited to watch movies. Just go for them. You will really love all these apps. Every app is unique and is really better than sites like Show box in all respect. I don’t say that you install these apps. But you should try them once and then decide which one will be good for you. Visit our Techlish for more information.

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