Snapchat Trophies: What They Are and How to Unlock Them

Snapchat trophies: Are you the snapchat user? If yes, then you might already aware of this kind of trophies. If you are new to the snapchat, let me tell you these Snapchat trophies are none other than emoji’s involved in it. These can be unlocked successfully by performing certain activities respectively.

Moreover all these trophies will be placed on the app trophy case. Where one can locate and unlock by performing an activity in a more successful way. The only thing for navigating to snapchat trophy case, go to the profile and there need to tap on view trophies option accordingly.

snapchat trophies

Therefore doing so one can view various snapchat trophies that are unlocked successfully. Today let us go with a list of snapchat trophies provided one by one in the form of tabular format. Look forward and access them accordingly for unlocking all your favorite snap trophies right immediately.

How to Unlock Snapchat Trophies

Now here we go with lists of snapchat trophies to unlock them all without facing any kind of issues. Look forward and get the trophy right immediately.

Lists of Snapchat Trophies to unlock and Get Right Now
all snap trophies 2019 Bullseye emoji: Add at least 5 or more Snapchat friends using an option called Add Nearby Feature respectively.
all snap trophies  Link emoji: Just simply link the Bitmoji to Snapchat for getting successful unlock.
all snapchat trophies 2018 Eyes emoji: Setup all your eyes in memories to unlock.
all snapchat trophies 2019 Detective emoji: This is all about simply search for the snaps in memories accordingly.
emoji lists Hear-no-evil monkey emoji: Send any video with no audio.
list of emojis Microscope emoji: Send at least 10 videos using a feature called  Zoom to unlock successfully.
list of trophy case Explosion emoji: Get the Snapchat score to 50,000 using it without any fail.
Snap trophies Telephone emoji: Just you need to verify the phone number available in settings.
Snap Email emoji: This is all about verifying email address at settings.
snapchat trophies 2018 Ghost emoji: Using this, simply get the score about 500,000 respectively for successful unlock.
snapchat trophies to unlock Panda emoji: Here, the user needs to send around 50 snaps with a black and white filter to unlock this particular emoji.
snapchat trophies Movie Camera Emoji: Send 50 videos through Snapchat respectively.
trophies list 2018 Microphone emoji: Song through Snapchat
trophies list Happy Devil Emoji: Take a screenshot of a snap.
trophies to unlock them all Moon Face Emoji: Using night mode, one has to send 50 snaps successfully.
trophy case Magnifying glass emoji: Send the 10 pictures which are completely zoomed in.
trophy emojis Angry devil Emoji: Take 10 screenshots.
unlock all snapchat trophies Fried Egg Emoji: One has to send the snap in the morning lying between 4 and 5 respectively.
unlock all snapchat trophy Lollipop emoji: In order to unlock this, one has to send the snap through 5 or more than 5 pencil colors respectively.
unlock all ABCD Emoji: Send the 100 snaps possessing large text.
unlock snap trophies Sun face Emoji: Send the Snap possessing the temperature filter above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.
unlock snap trophy Snowflake Emoji: Send the Snap that consists of temperature filter lied below freezing mode.
unlock snapchat trophies 2019 Money With Wings Emoji: Send money through Snapchat. [Option is for the only USA]
unlock snapchat trophy Rocket Emoji: Get the Snapchat score around 100,000 respective to unlock this very well.
unlock snapchat trophies Loop once Emoji: Just simply flip the respective camera in the video.
what do to unlock Index Finger Emoji: To get this, send the respective snap having at least one filter.
what they and how to get trophies lists Baby emoji: Get the respective snap score up to 10 without any fail.
trophy Flashlight Emoji: The user has to send around 10 snaps with front facing camera mode enabling flashlight with no doubt.

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