Tinder Alternatives: Best Free Apps Like Tinder

Want to know about the best tinder alternatives app. Tinder was the first app which introduced online dating in India. It was the site which united people together and has coerced couples to date. Due to dating site like tinder people got married after dating. Tinder has always been successful online dating site app

But have you ever thought that are there other apps like Tinder? If yes, then what are their USP’s? So today I am going to tell you some amazing sites which are better than Tinder and are having their unique USP’s.

tinder alternatives

Let us look at apps which can be competitors for Tinder and can make you meet your dream man or girl in a New York minute you can also see the sites like popcorn time.

Top Apps Similar to Tinder

So now lets us movie into main part of the article that is apps which are similar to tinder and some are even more better then tinder. The dating apps like tinder are as follows


This tinder alternative app is having some unique USP. It let you meet your relatives or friends on Down. The person in your family which you have fantasized a lot is going to meet you on Down. Aren’t you crazy of meeting him or her on Down? It takes your Facebook information and let you directly contact them without even knowing who exactly you are.

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Also you can swipe up or down. Both signs indicate different meanings. Up means you want to have date with the person and down means you want to sleep with the person. It is really exciting and who knows your friend can be your love.


This app similar to tinder searches perfect person for you within 250 m. It will definitely within your work zone or your area where you live. The chances are you might know each other by face or you might have seen once or twice that person. What can be better than that if you get a date within your company?

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Happn will let you come close to each other and then you will realize that you are completely lost in her or he and this all happened due to Happn. Enjoy this app and find perfect match for you. You never know that person is going to be your future mate.


Hinge is a superb app better than tinder which can make you date live in just a day. Here you will get to know friends of your friends. Who knows? They like you or if you have liking for them. Hinge will let you know each other by messaging and then hinge will let you date. It will help you in sharing personal information so that if you are feeling shy then also Hinge will tell you all details. So go for a date through.

free apps like tinder

It will help you in sharing personal information so that if you are feeling shy then also Hinge will tell you all details. So go for a date through hinge. You are definitely going to enjoy a lot. Take a chance and have fun.


This site lets you chose your date based on your personality traits and for finding traits you have to answer some questions about yourself. Then when you have answered all the questions it will match your percentage with others. If you are high tempered then it will surely help in finding a mate who is cool tempered.

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So that clashes will not take place. This app is no doubt one of the best dating apps after tinder which will make you fall in love with your date. Just find your date and meet him or her. You will never regret your decision.

How About Me

It is app made for those who are not that too fast in making relationships. It is made for those people who want to go slow in knowing each other. How About Me is an app which allows you to have conversations and then after some time when you feel that you are comfortable with each other you can go for a live.

best apps like tinder

How About Me is an app which allows you to have conversations and then after some time when you feel that you are comfortable with each other you can go for a live date. This is suitable when you really want to fall in love and don’t just want to spend time. Test the waters before going to date I will say.

Plenty of Fish

This is also dating site like tinder which has huge database of girls. Here you can find your better half and go with her on a live date. You can send messages and see photos of the girl through this app. In fact on their profile they have written about themselves.

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You can read that to know what kind of personality she is. Also either they want to get involved in sex or not is also written on their profile. SO it is up to you whether you want to do sex on your first date or you just want to linger on until u know each other better.


This site is made for people who are gay and bisexual. They always hesitate to show their actual personality. But with the help of grindr they will be able to declare that they are gay and they are actually looking for their counterpart.


Grindr helps them in finding their better half. Also if you are gay or bisexual no need to feel shy, just make an account in grindr and you are definitely going to feel that you are in heaven. Try this app and meet your soul mate.


Bumple is a site just exactly same like Tinder. Here women take initiatives of sending hellos and much more. Don’t think they are crazy enough but yet they are definitely bold. Bumple is specially made for dating.

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Every time you open your bumple account you will get to see top 10 rated profiles whom you can approach to date. Go for this site you will definitely feel like approaching a girl and to date with her.

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So you got to know various dating apps like tinder which can let you meet your better half like photoshop alternatives. These are the best tinder alternatives which are in the market. What can be better than that? Theses dating sites are very interesting and worth to try. Tinder has now gone boring and obsolete. It is time to experience some new dating tinder like apps so that you can feel fresh. Just download these apps and try them. You will definitely meet your future mate and you are really going to be very happy. Have fun and enjoy conversations.

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