Touchpad Scroll Not Working Windows 10/8/7 Fix Issue

Why the user faces touchpad scroll not working issue? This is because at times the receiver gets out of the control when they use wireless devices. The user must and should activate the connect button available either in the keyboard or mouse and flashing light at USB receiver without fail.

Moreover, one can also verify the keys F1 and F12 to identify the respective touchpad key. Just simply hold the key by tapping on fn. So that the touchpad gets enabled successfully. If you failed so and getting can t scroll with touchpad issue, implement below methods one by one to fix successfully.

Touchpad Scroll Not Working Windows

You can see below and fix your issue if your touchpad is not working. Actually the touchpad is one of the most important thing that every one uses in the laptop to scroll or to move the cursor. If there is any issue with the touchpad then obviously we must solve it and then use it again. If you take to any service center they charge more for the minor issues also. So its really good if you fix the issue by urself.

Touchpad Scroll Not Working!!!! Here is the Real Fix

Implement the below methods that helps to fix touchpad scroll not working windows 10 very well. Let’s start and get rid of it in a very short time also see windows 10 window off screen. But follow the steps accordingly.

  • Steps to fix touchpad scroll not working
  • Change the Mouse Pointer
  • Get the Two-Finger Scrolling
  • Roll back the touchpad driver
  • Update the Driver

Steps to Fix Touchpad Scroll Not Working

Follow the below steps to fix touchpad scroll not working issue without any fail. But make sure the touchpad is enabled. If you fail to enable, plug the USB mouse and wait for a while till it gets successfully enable. While you considering touchpad scroll not working windows 10 and 8, follow these steps accordingly.

  • Go to system settings-> devices-> mouse and touchpad-> and then click on additional mouse options.
  • So that you get a window appearing on the screen. Click on the selected tab appearing in the form of lists.
  • If you failed so, them search for ELAN or device settings-> locate the touchpad available below the devices. If you settings wont open then check windows 10 won’t open settings.
  • Once it is found, perform a single click on it and select Enable. That’s all!!!!
  • For touchpad scroll not working windows 7, go to Start-> control panel-> double click on the respective mouse.
  • Tap on device settings-> and make sure as the touchpad is enabled perfectly.
  • Today in new laptops, will have no markings in order to perform scrolling. In that scenario, there is a possibility of changing settings without fail. That was called as a two finger scroll. In order to set, follow the instructions carefully.
  • Open the web browser-> tap at the middle for making sure it is active.
  • Tap and hold down the respective touchpad by dragging with two fingers respectively. so that you might notice moving the page up and down.
  • When the user likes to zoom in and out, hold down the ctrl+ scroll up or down, left to right successfully.
  • Moreover, the user can also increase or decrease the desktop icons appearing on the screen. To do so, left click on the desktop-> press and hold the respective ctrl key using the scroll feature. So that you can notice the icons increasing or decreasing its size.

Change the Mouse Pointer

Follow the below steps accordingly to fix mouse scroll not working or change the respective mouse pointer. Let’s start to implement in detail.

  • Go to Start-> control panel-> view by category.


  • And then choose hardware and sound.


  • Tap on mouse available below the device and printers.
  • Now it’s time to choose the new pointer available in the drop-down menu. As it is changeable to black.


  • Finally, click on apply.
  • That’s all!!!

Get the Two-Finger Scrolling

Touchpad scroll not working encounters when the respective two-finger scrolling feature is disabled. Therefore, follow the below steps one by one that greatly fixes scrollbar on touchpad not working issue.

  • Firstly, go to Start-> type control panel in the search bar-> open it.


  • View by category-> and choose hardware and sound respectively.


  • Click on mouse available below the device and printers.
  • Locate Synaptics TouchPad and perform a click on settings button respectively.


  • There the user has to expand the multi-finger gestures and choose two-finger scrolling available in the form of lists.
  • As a result, click on apply.

Roll Back the Touchpad Driver

In order to roll back, follow the below steps one by one. So that there are greater possibilities of fixing mouse scroll not working issue perfectly.

  • First and foremost, open the device manager-> expand the category-> right click on the respective touch pad-> choose properties.
  • Now tap on the driver and select roll back. Click on yes when you see the confirmation box appearing on the screen.
  • Restart the system without fail.
  • If you failed so, uninstall and get the new updated driver for your system

Update the Driver

When the user failed to fix cant scroll with touchpad issue, the driver might hold responsible at times for the cause. So you need to uninstall and get the newer one for your respective system. Update right now from the manufacturer’s site and search for the best among the lists. Remember, you have to choose the driver which is very much compatible enough with the respective version you have.

  • Go to the respective site to download the best compatible driver.
  • Get the key in the product name with the help of option search for your product.
  • Tap on drivers and software so that the user can notice various lists appearing on the screen.
  • Choose the best and download successfully.

Final Verdict

Hope it is cleared enough of all the methods that greatly fix the touchpad scroll not working windows 10/8/7 issue. For any doubts or any information, can contact us by dropping a comment in the below rectangular section. Thank you. Also, if you like the article, can share with friends and also on social networking sites. Stay back with techlish for more fixes.

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